CNG Bi-Fuel Vehicle

Bring a new vehicle to the US marketplace

The Challenge

To build an organization capable of designing, implementing, manufacturing, selling, and servicing a brand new North American mass-market vehicle from the ground up is a challenge worthy of a team response. Pilot Systems delivered this to our customer.


Our customer introduced a bi-fuel CNG pickup truck to the US market within two years of Pilot’s involvement. We strategically planned the vehicles to be offered, organized the necessary work, and then empowered the right staff. We found, refurbished, and equipped the engineering and manufacturing locations, and provided service to dealerships and customers throughout the USA.

Pilot enabled our customer to catch the last alternative fuel wave at its peak. We took on the challenge to build up an engineering, manufacturing and service staff from zero while finding, rejuvenating, and equipping the company’s USA headquarters building. Pilot deployed its network approach to employ subject matter experts in strategic planning, vehicle design, systems engineering, vehicle test, and certification, not to mention manufacturing and service. The company went from being the CEO’s brainchild to producing the highest quality bi-fuel vehicles in less than 2 years. Pilot staff and skills were core to this project. We celebrated with our customer when the first vehicle passed down the production line and through the Pilot-designed end-of-line test system without issue.