Pilot Systems staff are problems solvers and engineers at heart. Our network consists of the finest engineering talent in world assembled to formulate and deliver solutions that are unique to each customers specific challenge.

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  • A Powertrain Technology Roadmap

  • Innovative Concept Vehicles

  • Embedded Controls Environment

  • Improving Battery Testing

  • Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The portfolio of customer solutions that we have delivered is wide and varied. Some samples included, Safety Engineering of Electric Vehicles, Engineering of Alternatively Fueled Vehicles, Design of Automotive Electronic Modules and Compliance planning and certification of vehicles for North American market. In each case we've utilized some of the best systems engineers and subject matter experts in the world. In many cases our experienced engineers have been leveraged across an organization’s junior level engineers to not only help deliver a solution, but also to teach and mentor them.

Some examples of our engineers include:

  • OEM Technical Safety Fellow

  • PhD. ADAS and Vehicle Cyber security

  • PhD in Decision Theory and Strategic Planning

  • PhD in Mathematical Statistical Controls and Manufacturing

  • MS in Aerospace Engineering

  • MS in Electrical Engineering

  • 30 year Software Design and Release Engineer

  • 25 year Alternative Fuels and Calibration Engineer

  • 15 years Functional Safety Engineer

  • 30 year Combustion and Alternative Fuel Engine Design Expert

  • 25 year Safety Compliance Engineer

  • 30 year Environmental Test Engineer.