Pilot Systems has decades of experience developing test plans, managing testing, analyzing and reporting results. We have worked with major companies in the Automotive, Military and Lithium Battery Industry. 

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  • A Powertrain Technology Roadmap

  • Innovative Concept Vehicles

  • Embedded Controls Environment

  • Improving Battery Testing

  • USA Safety Standard Testing

  • Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Our role typically involves working with customers; understanding their testing needs, developing a plan to meet those needs, and then engaging the best professionals and test facilities to deliver results. From beginning to end we keep our customer informed every step of the way.

Our testing expertise includes:

  • Test Planning

  • Test Management

  • Vehicle and Test Lab logistics management

  • Durability Testing

  • Emissions Testing

  • Safety Testing

  • Environmental Testing

  • Hardware in the Loop; defining, programming and operating