Pilot Systems International

We are a Systems Engineering company using a collaborative approach to assemble and manage teams of domain experts that formulate and deliver vehicular propulsion and mobility related solutions to solve our customer’s complex technical and business challenges.

Pilot is a dSPACE technology partner having over 20 years of experience with model-based design, requirements analysis, controls development, and validation. The Pilot team has helped OEMs, Tier 1 Suppliers, and Tech Companies with Architect, Commission, Launch and Support of HIL programs.

Increasing demands for hardware and software required for comprehensive validation, including ISO26262 and the special skills required for validation is a concern for many customers. To further help our customers meet these demands Pilot is proud to announce the opening of our fully equipped dSPACE SCALEXIO HIL test lab staffed with highly skilled validation engineers. This will allow Pilot to augment our customers internal validation activities or provide independent validation throughout the life cycle of the product.

Validation During Development

  • Requirements analysis, validation strategy development

  • Unit testing (Model based, or code based) (ASPICE SWE.4)

  • Virtual testing (MIL & SIL in MATLAB/Simulink environment)

  • Static Analysis

    • Model coverage

    • Code coverage

    • Dead logic identification

    • Divide by 0 error detection

    • Range checking

  • Integration Testing (ASPICE SWE.5)

Post Development Validation

  • Identification of acceptance criteria and development of Test Vectors

  • Generation of baseline calibrations

  • Development of complex plant models required for proper system validation

  • Integration of HIL system with closed loop plant models (CarSim, CarMaker, GT-Power etc.)

  • Test scripting with automation desk, python scripts and other test automation techniques

  • Qualification testing using developed test vectors and test scripts (ASPICE SWE.6)

  • Test process automation for testing efficiency and ease of regression testing

  • Testing activity output compatibility with customer’s requirements capture system for traceability

Related HIL Support Activities

  • Complete “Turnkey” HIL Commissioning: Launching and providing Domain Expertise Application support for Automotive, Agriculture, Heavy Duty Military, Marine and Aerospace Industries

  • Advanced tools that translate human readable validation test procedures to executable scripts to be executed on systems-in-the-loop (compatible with the ASAM XIL API)

  • Training in HIL system operation and maintenance