Embedded Controls Environment

Creating Universal Functionality on a Budget Using an Open Source System

By utilizing MathWorks and dSPACE, Pilot developed a scalable development architecture system that could be leveraged around the world.

The Challenge

A Tier 1 supplier with limited embedded controls experience tasked Pilot with creating an embedded controls development environment that could be scalable as well as international.


We created an embedded controls development environment with advanced hardware in the loop technology, and trained our clients engineers in the using the system. We also delivered multiple embedded controls projects for advanced automotive applications. The project received recognition by the Vice President of Engineering for the "best implementation of a project by a supplier in his thirty year career".

The Pilot team designed the entire system including purchasing all hardware and software and then assembled a team to create the system at our facilities. With validation complete, the systems and technology were then deployed at the customers locations. Once installed, Pilot trained our clients engineers on the system and helped them design and deliver some of their first embedded controls programs for their customers. Pilot also designed and installed a robust design and release process used to ensure complete hardware and software life cycle management. This PLM system was designed and built utilizing an open source system creating a low cost solution that provided a scalable path going forward. The team assembled and managed by Pilot included industry leading automotive systems engineers with 30 years of experience, electrical engineers, MATLAB and Simulink experts, vehicle communication protocol experts,  mechanical and electrical technologists, and test engineers.

Areas of expertise: building, controls, engineering, program management, testing