Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Challenge was to Economically Develop Engine Controls that would Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

The Challenge

In the quest to meet new emissions regulations, a Tier 1 engine supplier needed a method to more economically develop and verify the benefit of advanced controls strategies.


Pilot created an end-to-end solution providing a development environment to rapidly and economically develop engine controls strategies and associated systems for the study of greenhouse gas emission reduction.

Pilot worked with the customer to clearly identify all necessary requirements. We then designed the project architecture and implemented both a hardware and software solution that provided the ability to interface with high-volume production ECU. By utilizing this method, Pilot was able to design and implement prototype algorithms running on a dSPACE MicroAutobox. This method enabled complete integration with the production ECU and provided for the calibration and validation of the algorithm on an HIL system and on engine.  Pilot provided systems engineering, electrical engineering , engine design, electrical and mechanical build and installation. Our deep understanding of the combustion engines and associated controls strategies lead to the development of algorithms that were tested in a HIL environment and on engine,  further assisting our customer in their effort to reduce emissions. 

Areas of expertise: consulting services, engineering, program management, regulatory guidance, testing